The Attendance of Psychology Department of "Research Institute Of Howzah and University" at the National Conference of interdisciplinary studies of society, human and health. 

Ayatollah Gharavi, the head of the Institute for Behavioral Department of Research Institute Of Howzah and University and Dr. Janbozorgi Associate Professor of Department of Psychology of Research Institute of Hawzah and University (RIHU) presented a common article at the National Conference of interdisciplinary studies of  society, human and health. 

The accepted paper was presented by Ayatollah Gharavi between 10 to 11. The aforementioned paper title was a multi-dimensional look at the mental health, speaking that how one-dimensional look to health neglects the other aspects of human existence. This paper aimed  to look at health and in particular mental health from a multidimensional view.

 Unlike the common view that put the  physical health at the center, the paper considers the spiritual dimension to health as well. The paper trying to introduce a comprehensive and multi-dimensional view towards health with a comparative look at the psychological perspective on health and disease process and also Islamic sources. The analysis of religious resources, in particular, The Quran shows that psychological trauma having spiritual and non-spiritual origins. human psychological and physical system is vulnerable from incompatible data entry with Fitra(primordial human nature). It can be identified well from these sources that as long as man can keep a balance (Taswiyeh) and purify the self (Tazkiyah), so that, he is able to judge what good and corruption is.

In the case if one can not keep this balance due to the fact that he is maintaining or even disguising the inconsistent phenomenon with the self, his health is being endangered. the results of this paper are supported by scientific findings. After the presentation Ayatollah Gharavi, was questiond and then he left the place.

It should be noted that Hujjat al-Islam Dr. Azerbaijani, the scientific board member of Research Institute Of Howzah and University will attend this National Conference from 2 pm to 4 as an articles examiner.