The Success of the Research Project of Research Management Group of RIHU at the Academy of Management of America


 The Success of the research project of  Rihu Research Management Group "Research Institute Of Howzah and University" at the Academy of Management of America 

Research Management Group research project of  Rihu entitled "Religion and management through the study of the West" accepted as one of the top three proposals submitted to the department of "Management, Spirituality and Religion" of America.

This research project is being done by a PhD student of khwarizmi university and Dr. Abedi Jafari, the Professor of Tehran University, the project is a systematic study of the previous researches of religion and management.

There are two results obtained based on the research which has been done in this field: Religiosity have had a positive effect on people in the organizations, or it is in conflict with the goals of the organizations. The difference of the results is due to the usage of different methods or methodology of the researches.

The research project of RIHU has achieved to this novel result, which aimed to explore and discover the cause of conflicts between the results of the researches in the field of religion and management.

It is worth mentioning that seventy-sixth conference of the Academy of Management begins from 5 to 9 August 2016, held in Anaheim, California And on 7 August, first to third chosen proposals be awarded.

The Public Relations unit of RIHU congratulated the aforementioned success to the members of RIHU Management Group. And wishing another success in national and international field of researches.