Department of Quran Studies

This Department was established in order to fulfill the goals defined by the constitution of the center, through the following missions: macro-goals, strategies, and programs:
a-      Goals of the Department
1-      Expansion and improvement of Quranic researches;
2-      Revitalization of Islamic heritage in the fields of Quran-researching;
3-      Pathology and Finding obstacles in Quranic researches;
b-      Macro-goals of the Department:
1-      Study of the Quranic daily issues, and presentation and expansion of Quran's viewpoints;
2-      Study of interdisciplinary subjects;
3-      Compilation of sources and textbooks;
4-      Conducting interdisciplinary researches;
5-      Correction, summarization and revitalization of the heritage of Muslim thinkers in Quranic researches;
6-      Pathology of bases and methods of Quranic researches;
7-      Translation and analysis of credited works in Quran-research field from foreign languages into Persian and vice versa;
c-      Specific goals of the Department:
1-      Extraction of epistemological bases for understanding and interpreting Quran in order to fortify the substructures of religious thinking;
2-      Theorization and extractions of Quranic ideas in various human-Islamic fields;
3-      Doing interdisciplinary activities in the fields of Quranic researches and studies with cooperation of other departments of the research center;
4-      Preparation and compilation of sources and textbooks for supplying educational needs of university and Hawzah centers;


Mohammad Asaadi 

Ali Akbar Babaei

MohammadBagher SaeediRooshan

Ehsan Sorkhei

Seyed Mahmood Tayyeb Hoseini

Ali Fathi


Head of the Department:Seyed Mahmood Tayyeb Hoseini