Department of Law

This department was established alongside the establishment of the RIHU and has since then published 32 books 57 articles sofar.
Goals of the Department:
  1. Contribution in revival and flourishing of Islamic law and its improvement;
  2. Comparative studies among Shia jurisprudence and other Islamic factions and legal systems;
  3. Extraction of the foundations of the school of Islamic law, and its presentation within known scientific frameworks of legal studies;
  4. Preparation of required grounds to develope and expand Islamic law;
  5. Helping to solve the legal problems of the country;
  6. Introduction of the school of Islamic law to scholars of law studies;
  7. Training and education of staff needed for research in Islamic legal studies;
  8. Compilation of research methodology in law;


Mohammad Hossein   Talebi 

SeyedJavad   Rasi Varai 

Mostafa   DaneshPajhoh

AliMohammad   Hakimian

Hossein   Javan Arasteh

Hossein   Ghafi

Head of the Department:SeyedJavad Rasi Varai