Quranic Language and Its Issues

Nowadays religious language, which comprises various issues, is one of the main themes in the philosophy of religion. Some of these issues are old: is the mode of divine communication to human beings exactly the same as rational human parlance of or is it special linguistic usage? Does religion only have a one-dimensional, exoteric language or has it also got a multi-dimensional, esoteric language? However, some of these issues have only been propounded in the recent past. In this course, the following issues are also examinable: the meaning and meaningfulness of religious statements, analysis of the role and function of religious language from the viewpoint of evocation and realism, the clarity of vagueness of religious language and the compliance or non-compliance of religious language with contemporary culture and modern parlance. This kind of issues, which is a new sphere in the domain of religious language and is a cardinal point in the studies of religious philosophers and divine sages, is also being discussed in correlation with the Glorious Qur